Dr. Nubian OmiSayade Sun, LCSW

Consultant in New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Nubian OmiSayade Sun, LCSW, Educator-Scholar, Consultant, and Spirit-Filled Practitioner, is a native of Memphis, TN (Home of the Blues). She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga and received her Master’s degree in Social Work- Community Welfare Management from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville (Nashville Campus). She obtained her doctorate degree in Social Work Policy, Planning, and Administration from the Whitney M. Young Jr., School of Social Work at Clark Atlanta University. She is an Administrative Assistant Professor at Tulane School of Social Work, CEO of Nubian Sun Consulting, LLC, and an Executive Director with the Center for Resilient, Individuals, Families and Communities. Her social work practice, pedagogy, and scholarship interests include the following: The Afrocentric perspective (Women and Girls), Incarceration/Reentry, and Self-Efficacy. She travels between the worlds of theater, culinary arts, West African dance and drumming, visual/abstract art, healing arts, and music. As a Spirit-Filled Practitioner, she uses a plethora of African traditional methods, methods of the American South, Eastern, and indigenous healing practices in helping others to help themselves.

About Nubian Sun Consulting, LLC

Nubian Sun Consulting, LLC, is a multi-social service agency dedicated to providing social service related infrastructure, program evaluation, non-profit troubleshooting, professional development opportunities, and social advocacy/social justice related tasks provided with strengthening individuals, families, and communities domestically and abroad.

Current Services:

Clinical and Non- Clinical Supervision

Licensure Tutoring/ Mentoring

Advocacy- Based Impact Reports

Career/ Life Transition Coaching

Marriage Counseling and Officiation

Non-Profit Organization Troubleshooting

Program Evaluation

Community Social Services Referrals

Social Work Professional Development Trainings (CEUs) domestic and abroad